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2012 Survey Results

We sincerely appreciate everyone who responded to our survey. We received valuable feedback that we are already using to plan for next year. We are proud to have successfully completed our third season as a CSA serving the Oxford community. We are growing as our local food system grows. While we have experienced many successes, we also have many things to improve upon. Following is a summary of the data from the survey. Please take a moment to look through it. We are pleased that we seem to have about 2/3 approval rating although this is far below our desires and expectations. We want all of our customers to be glad they are purchasing many of their vegetables from us and are committed to addresses the many areas of concern. In response to written feedback on 7 and 9, we have responded in bold italics. Finally, we want to emphasize that we always welcome and appreciate your feedback. (I attempted to attach some graphs for questions 1, 2, and 8 but I just can’t seem to get it to work. Numerical data is now provided.)

1. In your experience as a foodshare holder of Yokna Bottoms Farm, how would you rate:

-Overall Satisfaction:

Highly Satisfied                                    16    (40%)

Satisfied                                                     11     (27.5%)

In the Middle                                           9    (22.5%)

Unsatisfied                                                4    (10%)

Highly Unsatisfied                               0

-Quality of Food:  

              Highly Satisfied                                   24   (60%)

Satisfied                                                     12    (30%)

In the Middle                                           4    (10%)

Unsatisfied                                                0

              Highly Unsatisfied                               0

-Quantity of Food:

Highly Satisfied                                    19    (47.5%)

Satisfied                                                     12     (30%)

In the Middle                                           8    (20%)

Unsatisfied                                                 1    (2.5%)

Highly Unsatisfied                               0             

-Variety of Food:

              Highly Satisfied                                      6    (15%)

Satisfied                                                     17     (42.5%)

In the Middle                                           6    (15%)

Unsatisfied                                                9    (25.5%)

Highly Unsatisfied                               2    (5%)

-Distribution Process:

Highly Satisfied                                    11    (27.5%)

Satisfied                                                     15    (37.5%)

In the Middle                                           7    (17.5%)

Unsatisfied                                                6     (15%)

Highly Unsatisfied                               1      (2.5%)


2. How would you rate communications from and with the farm?

Mean Ratings (1 = Highly Satisfied; 5 = Highly Unsatisfied

Weekly Emails                                   1.85

Blog/ Webpage                                   2.0

Facebook Page                                   1.89

Personal Emails                                2.0

Phone                                                       2.14

3. What is you preferred method to receive food?

              Market –Style Distribution            22    (59.5%)

              Pre-Packed Box Drop Point               9    (24.3%)

              Delivery                                                          6    (16.2%)

4. What days would you like to see us distribute food? (check all that apply)

             Monday                                             11  

             Tuesday                                            16  

             Wednesday                                     11  

             Thursday                                         12

             Friday                                                 17

             Saturday                                           20

5. What times would like to see us distribute food? (check all that apply)

             Early Morning                              11

             Noon                                                    10

            Early Afternoon                             7

            Late Afternoon                             23

            Evening                                              14

6. How likely are you to purchase a 2013 foodshare from Yokna Bottoms Farm?

            Highly Likely                                 19 (48.7%)

            Somewhat Likely                          3 (7.7%)

            Somewhat Unlikely                     9 (23.1%)

            Highly Unlikely                              8 (20.5%)

7. What additional food crops would you like to see next year? See our comments in Bold Italics

“Maybe Broccoli and Edamame. We loved the Beets (wish there had been more) and carrots and greens. Is there a way to have more variety in the summer crops?” We learned some lessons from our Broccoli and Edamame problems this year and hope to have much higher yields in 2013

“yellow onions” We plan to plant more this year

“Sweet potatoes, winter squash” The deer ate our sweet potatoes this year but our new ‘Food Crop Protection System’ worked well during the fall. We plan to plant much more winter squash this season.

“Broccoli rabe muscadine grapes figs” We planted 6 fig trees this year and hope to plant muscadines next year. Grapes are tough in our climate.

“fruit” We are beginning to plan our orchards but it takes several years to bring fruit into production. Fruit will not likely be a large portion of our produce for several years.

“rutabagas” We will try

“more beets! parsnips (a royal pain to grow, yes); more mustards; and while not a crop, if you do eggs again, more eggs, because we never received any.” We will try with parsnips and mustards. Eggs were a ‘bonus’ this year with our first 25 hens. Next year we plan to have at least 125 laying hens and should be able to provide regular egg distributions.

“Napa cabbage, broccoli, spinach, peanuts, brussels sprouts, speckled butterbeans” We will try Napa cabbage, peanuts, brussel sprouts, and butterbeans.

“Potatoes (can’t remember, you probably had them), brussel sprouts, summer squash”

“Mushrooms, Blueberries, Avocado” We plan to add blueberries in the near future. We have been looking into mushrooms. Avocados will not tolerate a freeze and thus difficult to grow in our climate.


“sweet potatoes, maybe some fall/winter squash, if possible.”

“I would like to maybe see some more fruits (maybe berries of some sort).”

“Asparagras would be great, though it takes a couple years to establish. Maybe orach.” We are planning to start some asparagus beds this year. We will try orach.

“Zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower”

“maybe some asian veg that is hard to get around here (e.g., Asparagus Beens, Thai eggplant)” We will put these on our list for next year.

“Cantalope, zucchini, sweet potatoes, edamame, winter squash, green beans”

“tomatoes, lacianto kale”

“more squash, sweet potatoes, corn, more spinach/kale, less peppers” We told those peppers to stop growing but they didn’t listen–seriously, our pepper crop was beyond our wildest expectation and they just kept on producing. Nonetheless, for 6 weeks this summer we were the only farm in the area producing a variety of peppers and we appreciated the wonderful variety and quality of the peppers we grew. A problem was that our late summer Edamame, Summer Squash, Sweet Potatoes, and Beans did not produce a crop and thus our variety suffered. Corn is the one crop we are 0-3. For some reason, we struggle to grow corn organically with our soil conditions.

8. How would you prioritize areas we need to improve next season?

 Mean Priority Rating (In order of top priority to lowest; 1 = Highest Priority Preference, 9 = Lowest Priority Preference):

#1  Food Variety                                                  2.78

#2 Distribution Process                               2.93

#3  Communications                                       3.78

#4  Quantity of Food                                        4.44

#5  Quality of Food                                            4.85

#6  Types of Shares Available                   5.37

#7  Farm Events                                                 6.74

#8  Community Service                               6.78

#9  Educational Outreach                          7.33

9. Please provide any recommendations, comments, or concerns. (See our comments in Bold Italics)

“The spring and fall were awesome, and the summer was very good, I just wish the summer had a little more variety.” Summer variety and extending the length of harvest for each vegetable we grow is a primary area of focus next year.

“I graduate in May. Can I buy a share for only the months at the end of the school year?” Yes!

“none. it was good. I’ve had CSAs before (in a much much bigger city than Oxford) that supplemented with produce from other suppliers, so we’d occasionally get banans or something in our share. Not a pure share, I know, but the variety made using the share a little easier. Only reason I’m not buying again is because we’ve moved to Kentucky.” Thank you, we will miss you and good luck in Kentucky

“You do wonderfully in the educational outreach and community service areas. Could not ask for more there!” Thank you, we view this as an important element of our mission and goals.

“A later time for pickup so those who do not work a ‘normal’ work week aren’t at a disadvantage to those who can show up early (and grab the pick of the crops).” We plan to offer more delivery options next year including a continuation of our Tuesday distribution which started at 5:00 (we may, however, do a market style distribution on Tuesday–stayed tuned for details)

“We saw a big improvement in quality and variety of food from last year. We plan to purchase from your market booth next year because we are a 2 person household and were somewhat overwhelmed by the quantity this year.” We are thrilled to provide our customers food in whatever format works best for you.

“Thanks for all you do!”

“All in all, it was a great experience. I like the split distribution days.”

“I stopped picking up my share mid season for two reasons: (a) Fridays during the fall are just not feasible with all the football people coming to town and (b) I got sick of having nothing but peppers to choose from.” We appreciate your honest feedback. We did make some planning errors and made some critical mistakes in our field techniques. We acknowledge our mistakes and are committed to doing better in the future.

“Above list is not an indication that you need to improve – it’s just my order of importance. Enjoyed all the food this year and have signed up for next year. Thanks!”

“I didn’t answer question 8 because we’re pretty well satisfied. It’s more of a question of what not to change. Keep it as informal as possible and otherwise pretty much leave it as is. The quality and overall value are good, and so is access with two different days for delivery as well as being able to come to the farm.All in all, I’m a firm believer that change for change’s sake is never good.” Overall we agree and do not plan any major changes in what we are doing. Mostly our focus for improvement is based on the feedback we have received and we plan to make minor modifications in our field practices, distribution process, and communications. 

“My family and myself really enjoyed the spring and early summer crops. Toward the end of the summer, we got tired of peppers, egg plant, etc. Every watermelon we ever got was not sweet/did not have much flavor. The distributions seemed a little disorganized at times. As a person who works full time, there were many days that you were out of a particular veggie that I we like by the time I got off work to pick them up. Saturday distributions allowed me to get there a little earlier. I know this sounds like a lot of criticism, just hope it helps a little. You all have a great thing started that, with a little improvement, could be great. For the price, I think we might skip out next year because I don’t feel like we got our money’s worth the second half of the season.” Thank you for the  honest feedback. You are correct, during the first half of the season we had 13 regular distributions and two bonus distributions for an average of over 24 points. During the second half of the season (August 1-November 20), we had 13 distributions plus four bonus distributions for an average of 19.6 points. The primary cause of this was the loss of our Sweet Potato, Edamame, and late Green Bean crops. Regardless, this totals up to a possible 693 points (points equaled the market dollar value of the food we distributed) worth of food. This said, it is extremely important to us that our customers feel they are receiving a good value for their foodshare purchase and we are working hard and developing our infrastructure to increase our production.

“Thanks for this opportunity. It has been fun!”

“we love our food share. If there were some way to make a few choices for home delivery or box pick-up, we’d be happy to switch from market pickup” We will have more options available next year–stayed tuned.

How about a report on the Angel donation? No problem: We sincerely want to thank all who supported our Angel Share Program. Last year we received $850 of Angel Share Donations. The farm added another $425 in foodshare value. This amount provided two families a full share, 3 families with a 25% reduction in the cost of a foodshare. We also donated a foodshare to the Yoknapatapha Arts Council and appreciation of all that they do to support us, especially providing us the Powerhouse as a location to distribute our food. In addition, we donated almost 1000 lbs. of food to More than a Meal, Interfaith Compassion Ministry, and the Oxford Food Bank. 

“My favorite part of the CSA is being able to pick up during the week. I wish that you would offer the friday-style points distribution then too. It felt abritrary that I could choose by the point system on Tuesdays. I am out of town most weekends so Friday wasn’t a good option for me. I thought the variety and quantity of peppers was too much this summer, and I’d like to see more variety that time of year. I love the quality and quantity of greens in late fall. I would also like to see more herbs. The basil was great. Thank you very much for all your work. I really appreciate the food that you grow. We are considering also doing a market style on Tuesdays. We are also planning to grow more varieties of herbs.

“Really, the only problem that i had was the distribution process. I am happy to get great produce, but at the end of the day, I want everything to already be boxed for me. Also, I am moving away from Oxford. That is the only reason I selected highly unlikely to purchase a share. If I were still living in town, I would definitely purchase again if a different distribution process was in place.” We will be again providing the box option. We appreciate your support and will miss you.

“wound prefer pick up 4p or later during week. Food is great. Love the tomatoes, greens”

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Second Annual Patawpha Fest – Saturday, April 16!

Patawpha Fest is Almost Here!

~ Saturday, April 16 fr. 2 pm Til ~

A spring celebration of local food, music and art 

at Yokna Bottoms Farm



2011 Line-Up

Elephant Shoe

Shannon McNally

Tate Moore and the Cosmic Door

Zephyr Ellis

The Cakewalkers

Silas Reed & Da Books


Laff Co. Comedy Troupe

Theatre Oxford

Mark Walsh, Nathan Richardson,

Sean Hendley and more …


There will also be readings of poetry and prose by local writers between sets, dance routines, comedy and non-stop entertainment throughout the day. Be sure to come on out and spend the day with us at Yokna Bottoms Farm. Shuttles will be provided from the old Wal-Mart Parking Lot and the Convention Center at 3 PM, 5 PM, 7 PM and 9 PM.

Last year, the inaugural Patawpha Fest in May was a huge success with over ten local bands and musicians performing throughout the day while dozens of farmer’s market vendors and local artists tabled their produce and crafts. The Larry Tyler Band started things off nice and easy and as the afternoon sun got hotter so did the music, capping off with a Zephyr Ellis/Silas Reed finale going well into the evening.

Check out some photos (and a couple more) from last year as well as our 2010  line-up.

This year, Yokna(patawpha) Bottoms Farm is partnering with the City of Oxford and the University of Mississippi’s Office of Sustainability to promote Green Week 2011 (April 15-22). We’re excited to be a part of the Green Week Kickoff celebration on April 16th, beginning with workshops at the convention center in the morning, followed by green home tours and then Patawpha Fest 2011 from 2:00 PM on.

The music will begin at 2:00 pm and keep on going until sunset as we then transition into our first full moon drum circle bonfire of the season – which should keep us up dancing long after the sun goes down. The event is FREE and open to the public, though donations will be encouraged at the entrance. Bring a blanket, some lawn chairs, a cooler and most importantly, good friends to enjoy what we expect to be a wonderful day. For the evening drum circle, bring any acoustic instrument you have and if you don’t play – no worries, just bring your dancing feet and clapping hands! Patawpha Fest is definitely kid and pet friendly, though we ask you to keep your dogs on a leash and your children in eye’s reach. On-site camping is available!

If you are a grower, an artist or have a craft you would like to sell at Patawpha Fest then contact us at

Come on out TOMORROW and help us celebrate all things local –

including YOU (if only for the day)!

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The Evolution of a Hoop House …

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Thank you once again to Liz and Frank of the Farmer’s Market in Oxford, MS for donating the frame for the hoop house and for all of the neighbors and volunteers who helped us put it together. It’s already filled with seeds sprouting on our germination tables and seedlings growing in our soil blocks (a method we are using made popular by Eliot Coleman) that will soon become plants growing in out bottomland beds and eventually produce on your tables!

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Vegetarian Potluck at the Farm!

Looking for a bright spot on your dreary January calendar?

Come to the vegetarian potluck tonight from 6:30-9:30 PM! Yokna(patawpha) Bottoms Farm will be hosting the potluck, so come on by for some of the best food you’ll eat all month and to hear more about our 2011 CSA shares! We’re so fortunate to have such a great community of individuals right here in Oxford and sincerely hope that you all can work it out to come by tonight, even if only to drop in and say hello. Bring the whole family, bring your colleagues and friends – but most importantly of all, be sure to bring your appetite.

For directions to the farm and more information about the potluck and the Oxford Community Vegetarian group, visit their Facebook page.

In addition, all attending are asked to bring:
– a vegan or vegetarian dish to share
– something to drink
– family and friends

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Organic Oxford

This summer we enjoyed visits from students of all ages, from two to twenty-two, and hope to continue much more of this in the coming months as we excitedly embark on our second year of sustainable agriculture here in Oxford while encouraging ongoing enrichment in all of our lives – that which occurs both inside and out of classrooms, from books as well as places and people. If you are a teacher, or know of one, who may be interested in visiting Yokna Bottoms, having us come into your class to talk with the students or perhaps starting a garden or composting program of your own at the the school then shoot us an email at – we’d love to help connect our next generation with the land they live on!

Two students who visited with us this past summer recently shared the fruits of their labor and we’d love for others to have an opportunity to see it as well. For a project in a New Media class, Ole Miss graduate journalism students Lindsay Jordan and Dani Ligato created an interactive blog to raise awareness about organic food and sustainable living in Oxford, MS.  You can check it out at here. Many friends of the farm are featured, from Shannon Adams and co. at Honey Bee Bakery to Liz’s Farmer’s Market store on North Lamar. While this just touches on the numerous individuals, businesses and organizations that are working to make our community a greener, healthier and more sustainable one to live in it is a refreshing take on ongoing efforts in a positive direction that are worth applauding.

Also, thank you to Daniel Morrow (orchestral director of Music In the Hall), for a recent post on where he shared some of his favorite things about 2010 (including us!). We are happily humbled to be featured in the same list as Tom Franklin and Edward Sharpe ;-)

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2011 Shares Now Available!

If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about food-shares for this coming 2011 season, please read below and contact us ( if you would like to recieve a Registration and Order Form. Remember, we’re capping the shares at 100 this year so there is a limited number available! Be sure to get your order form in by Jan. 1 and take advantage of our Holiday Discount and assure that you will be a part of the Yokna(patawpha) Bottoms Farm family in the new year!
Mission Statement

Yokna(patawpha) Bottoms Farm is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm. We are a community of individuals working together to produce locally grown food using sustainable agricultural practices, and to promote sustainable and organic agriculture as a viable agricultural system in north Mississippi. The Goals of Yokna(patawpha) Bottoms Farm are to: 

1. Produce local food using sustainable natural agricultural practices.

2. Support sustainable agricultural farmers and artisans in north Mississippi (farmers, farmers’ markets, and local businesses selling locally produced products).

3. Serve as a research site for learning and developing successful organic agricultural practices within north Mississippi’s ecosystem, climate, and soil zones.

4. Provide educational services on local food and sustainable agriculture.

5.  Facilitate community life through cooperative production, service and celebration.

Community Supported Agriculture

Yokna(patawpha) Bottoms Farm is a Community Supported Agriculture farm (CSA). A CSA is an organizational model for small farms common in the slow foods movement that provides small local farmers, usually organic, a steady income while allowing the farmer to share the risks and rewards of small-scale food production.


A Yokna(patawpha) Bottoms Farm food-share for the 2011 growing season (May-October) is a portion of all food produced during the season. A food-share does not represent a share of ownership or commitment to the farm aside from your initial payment. Food-shares will be sold on a first pay, first to receive a share basis. Full payment must be received in order to guarantee a 2011 share. See price list on next page.

For the 2011 growing season, 70% of all produce will be dedicated to food-shares. Total food-shares will not exceed 100. Thus, one full food-share is approximately .7% (.007) of all food produced on the farm between May 1 and October 31, 2011, which we anticipate to be roughly $15-20 worth of produce per week. The remaining 30% of farm produce (in addition to any unclaimed food-shares) will be sold at local farmers’ markets as well as to local restaurants and businesses.

Two types of food-shares will be available for the 2011 growing season: Weekly Oxford Delivery and U-Pick. In addition, food-shareholders will have a choice between a full food-share (1 distribution/week), half food-share (2 distributions/month), or a quarter food-share (1 distribution/month). Food-shareholders in 2010 (financial or labor) will receive a 5% discount and there is a 5% discount for shares purchased prior to January 1, 2011. The price increase for half and quarter shares accounts for the cost of increased handling.

Weekly Oxford Delivery                                                                                                                       

  Base Price(after Jan. 1st) Estimated Points/Month* 5% Return ShareholderDiscount 5% Early HolidayDiscount 10% Early/Return ShareholderDiscount
Full Share $400 71.5 (16.5/week)** $380 $380 $360
Half Share $225 34 (17/twice  a month) $213.75 $213.75 $202.50
Quarter Share $125 17 (once a month) $118.75 $118.75 $112.50


U-Pick at the Farm

  Base Price(after Jan. 1st) Estimated Points/Month* 5% Return ShareholderDiscount 5%Early Holiday Discount 10% Early/Return ShareholderDiscount
Full Share $300 71.5 (16.5/week)** $285 $285 $270
½ Share $165 34 (17/twice  a month) $156.75 $156.75 $149.50
¼ Share $80 17 (once a month) $76 $76 $72


* One share is a subscription to receive .7% (1/100 of 70%, or .007)*** of all food that will be produced (harvested) on the farm from May 1- October 31, 2011. The way that CSAs serve to support local farms in a unique manner is that they help farmers share the risks and rewards of growing food sustainably. Thus, depending on the harvest, the total points per share may exceed or be less than the estimated total distribution. Actual point values will vary weekly based on the amount of available fresh produce from the farm. One point is equivalent to one dollar based on the market value of fresh, local, organic produce and may vary based on produce quality and market conditions.  The estimated point values are our target goal and estimated yields are based on last year’s farm production and planting plans for the 2011 growing  season (see below).

** Full shareholders will receive two extra distributions because there are 26 weeks during the 6 month season. 

***The remaining 30% of produce will be sold at farmer’s markets and to businesses.


Past Performance

Year Months Dollar value of full share Distributions Total Points Distributed/Share
2010 4 $200 16 (+ 2 Bonus) 214 (20 bonus)
2011 6 $400 26 ??? Our goal is 400!


Distribution: Distribution of food shares will be weekly. Those purchasing full shares should make arrangements for themselves or someone in their place to pick up produce each week. Half shares (2x per month) and Quarter shares (1x per month) are still encouraged to come each week, though anything beyond their 1-2 distributions must be purchased separately. Shares will be available for pick up at the farm or at locations in Oxford and Taylor, days/times to be announced. Weekly share allocations are determined by a point system based on the total amount of food available each week and the number of shares being distributed. The point system allows food-shareholders the opportunity to select the types of produce they want. Point value limits may be placed on certain items of produce in order to allow all food-shareholders the opportunity to receive a specific item of produce (heirloom tomatoes, for example); however, we may run out of some items during distribution. The farm attempts to avoid the use of plastic products as containers for food shares and request that shareholders provide their own containers for food distribution. Heavy duty Yokna(patawpha) Bottoms Farm, CSA cloth bags are available to purchase for $12/bag on the CSA Order Form (see next page).  

Communication: The farm has a blog website (, a Facebook page, and an email listserv with a weekly newsletter for all food-shareholders and farm supporters. These resources will be used to provide continual information about activities on the farm and serve as a forum for information and discussion relevant to local, sustainable, food production.

Events: We will be hosting or sponsoring periodic events to support local artisans and growers, raise awareness of and promote the farm, build community, and as fundraisers to support the farm.

Community Service: In conjunction with our goals of supporting local foods and building community, we strive to be actively involved in community projects and efforts. In support of this effort, we encourage all food-shareholders to volunteer to support activities that promote local growers and artisans—ie, volunteer at local farmers markets, earth day activities, the Oxford Community Garden, and other activities and events in addition to volunteering at the farm itself. We will provide a schedule of activities and events through our communication services and post weekly work hours on our blog.

Angel Shares: If you would like to purchase an additional food-share to be donated at the farm’s discretion to a family in need, you will be able to do so at the bottom of our Order Form. For just 3/4 the cost of a full share, with the farm paying the difference, you can give a gift that is truly priceless this holiday season. Healthy, nutritious food is often difficult to come by for those with financial difficulties and with your help we can make sure everyone in our community is eating healthy! 


 Sample 2011 Order Form:

Item Price Quantity Total
Full Share Oxford Delivery $400.00    
Full Share Oxford Delivery, 5% Discount $385.00    
Full Share Oxford Delivery, 10% Discount $360.00    
Half Share Oxford Delivery $225.00    
Half Share Oxford Delivery, 5% Discount $213.75    
Half Share Oxford Delivery, 10% Discount $202.50    
Quarter Share Oxford Delivery $125.00    
Quarter Share Oxford Delivery, 5% Discount $118.75    
Quarter Share Oxford Delivery, 10% Discount $112.50    
Full Share U Pick at the Farm $300.00    
Full Share U Pick at the Farm, 5% Discount $285.00    
Full Share U Pick at the Farm, 10% Discount $270.00    
Half Share U Pick at the Farm $165.00    
Half Share U Pick at the Farm, 5% Discount $156.75    
Half Share U Pick at the Farm, 10% Discount $149.50    
Quarter Share U Pick at the Farm $80.00    
Quarter Share U Pick at the Farm, 5% Discount $76.00    
Quarter Share U Pick at the Farm, 10% Discount $72.00    
100% Cotton, Yokna Bottoms Heavy Duty Tote Bags $12.00    
Angel Share(s)  $300.00    

 Please call or email us (info. under the “To Contact” tab at the top of the page) if you have any questions at all. All forms and payment should be mailed to; Yokna Bottoms Farm, 26 CR 471 Oxford, MS 38655.

The care of the earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all, our most pleasing responsibility.” ~ Wendell Berry

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Taylor Holiday Market This Saturday!

Come visit us this Saturday from 10-3 pm at the Taylor Holiday Market and get some more of that great, local goodness we’re growing! Broccoli, cabbage, turnips, collards, radishes, onions and more!

From our friends in Taylor …

Happy Holidays Everyone! Our much anticipated Taylor Holiday Market and Parade kicks off this Saturday at 10 a.m. and goes until 3, when the parade starts. This year promises to be the best yet, with about 20 vendors with everything from inexpensive teachers’ gifts and stocking stuffers to heirloom pieces. Your favorite market vendors and new vendors will have holiday ornaments, children’s clothes and accesories, jewelry, photography, aromatherapy, soaps, unique pincushions, blacksmith home and garden accesories and much more.
Plus as always, we will have a fabulous selection of fall produce, such as cabbage, broccoli, turnips, lettuce, arugula, mustard greens, collards, cilantro, chard, honey and much more, not to mention baked goods that you can eat now or freeze for your next holiday gathering- pies, breads, hummus, tapenades, pestos, preserves and more.
The Yes, Virginias will start at 10:30 and provide the perfect soundtrack to the day with Christmas pop and originals that will have you rockin’ around the Christmas Tree. If you haven’t caught this cheeky holiday band, you are in for a treat! Then members of The Cakewalkers will take us up to Parade Time, and talk about a treat- you’ll never see a more original and fun parade, and The Yes, Virginias will appear there too. Meanwhile, Tin Pan Alley and artists Alice Hammell and Obie Clark will be having open house and studio events, and of course, Emileigh’s Table has a full breakfast and lunch.
The most festive place to be this Saturday is in Taylor, and we can’t wait to see all of you! From all of us at the Taylor Farmers’ Market, may all the blessings of the Season be with you and yours

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