What’s a CSA? A CSA is an organizational model for small farms common in the slow foods movement that provides small local farmers, usually organic, a steady income while allowing the farmers to share the risks and rewards of small-scale food production.

How does it work? Much like a newspaper or magazine subscription. CSA members sign up before the season begins, purchasing a food-share or allotted portion of the food grown on the farm then pick up their food-share once a week when the distribution season begins.

What will I get in my CSA food-share ? Yokna Bottoms CSA distributions run from April-November, providing CSA members with a wide range of Spring, Summer and Fall vegetables. We grow traditional Mississippi vegetables plus lots of interesting heirloom varieties, unique Asian greens and sweet and spicy peppers that can’t be found at the average grocery store. We also offer fresh herbs and beautiful cut flowers. The amount of weekly food-shares vary throughout the season.

How do I get my food? We offer two weekly in-town pick-up options: Tuesdays from 3-6:30 p.m. at the Oxford City Market on West Oxford Loop and Saturdays from 7-11 a.m. at the Mid-Town Market on North Lamar. These locations are conveniently located, provide plenty of parking, and offer CSA members the chance to pick up a few things from other local growers and producers. Through our unique “market-style” distribution, CSA members are able to choose their weekly food-shares.

What do you mean by “market-style” distribution? We’ve found that CSA members are most satisfied when offered some choice in what they get each week. Each item, a bunch of carrots for example, has a “point” value and members are allotted a certain number of points each week. CSA members simply shop with “points” instead of dollars. The weekly points are calculated by the amount of food we have available on a given harvest day, ensuring that our food is distributed as evenly among members.

 Why do you use a point system? Our goal is to distribute produce from the farm each week as equally as possible among food-share holders. The point system allows us to do this while saving the time and expense of dividing and packaging all shares prior to distribution. It also helps us to keep the spring and fall produce on ice and fresh in coolers. Finally, it allows the food-share holders the opportunity to select the produce they want.

 What if I am unable to pick up my share during designated times during the week? You will have two options: first, you may have someone else pick up your share for you (all they need to do is give us your name and we will record your pick up); or, you may make an appointment to pick up your share at the farm.

If I am unable to pick up or do not want my full points in a given week, may I retain my points for future use? No, the point system is based on the produce available in a given week, if we allowed points to be saved or banked, we would have surplus food for distributions early in the season and the amount of food available for each food-share holder would be unfairly reduced later in the season.

What if I am going to be away from Oxford for an extended period of time or if I relocate during the share season? Our first preference is for you to find someone who will use your share in your absence. If necessary, however, we will refund your food-share cost at the rate of $15 for each of the remaining pickups up for your food-share.

How much does it cost? We have several pricing options with discounts for “early birds” and returning CSA members. We offer half-share and full-share options as well. For a current price list see our CSA page.

Should I get a full or half food-share? This all depends on your personal needs, the size of your family, how much time you have to prepare farm fresh vegetables and how often you eat them!

 More questions? Call 662-380-2367 or email yoknabottoms@gmail.com

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