Community Supported Agriculture or  CSA is an organizational model for small farms common in the slow foods movement that provides small local farmers, usually organic, a steady income while allowing the farmers to share the risks and rewards of small-scale food production.

If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about 2014 Yokna Bottoms food-shares for this coming 2014 season, please read below and contact us  at 662-380-2367 or yoknabottoms@gmail.com. Remember, we’re capping total Food-Shares at 100 this year so there are a limited number available! Download printable form: 2014 Foodshare Information and Registration Packet.

2014 Information and Registration Packet

A Yokna(patawpha) Bottoms Farm food-share for the 2014 growing season (April -November 2014) is a portion of all food produced during the season. A food-share does not represent a share of ownership or commitment to the farm aside from your initial payment. Food-shares will be sold on a first pay, first to receive a share basis. Full payment must be received in order to guarantee a 2014 share.

For the 2014 growing season, 70% of all produce will be dedicated to food-shares. Total food-shares will not exceed 150. Thus, one full food-share is approximately .5% (.047) of all food produced on the farm between the second week of April 2014 and November 2014 up to Thanksgiving, which we anticipate to be roughly $25-30 worth of produce per week (In 2014, we estimate that we will average $24 worth of produce per week for 32 weeks for a total value of $768). The remaining 30% of farm produce will be sold at local farmers’ markets as well as to local restaurants and businesses.

Changes in 2014 Food-Shares: The 2014 season will run from April – November 2013. In 2014, we will offer two “Market-Style” distributions on Tuesdays and Fridays. Those who prefer pre-packed boxes may request that they be available during the “Market-Style” distribution. In 2014, we are going to set up multiple drop-point distribution locations and times for delivery of “Pre-packed boxes.”


Half Share 16 weeks $385
  10 % Early Purchase or Return share holder discount  *Feb. 1, 2014 $346.50
  20 % Early Purchase and Return share holder discount $308
Full Share 32 weeks $650
  10 % Early purchase  or Return share holder discount $585
  20%  Early purchase and Return share holder discount $520
32 Full or Half CSA Deliveries Home or Office $200


One full food-share entitles a supporter to receive .5% of all food that will be produced (harvested) on the farm from the second week of April – November 2014 up to Thanksgiving. The way that CSAs serve to support local farms in a unique manner is that they help farmers share the risks and rewards of growing food sustainably. Thus, at the end of the growing season, depending on the harvest, the total points per share may exceed or be less than the estimated total. Actual point values will vary weekly based on the amount of available fresh produce from the farm. One point is equivalent to one dollar based on the market value of fresh, local, organic produce and may vary based on produce quality and market conditions.  The estimated point values are our target goal and estimated yields are based on last year’s farm production and planting plans for the 2014 growing season.

Distribution: Full Food-share holders will have two options of picking up food each week. Those purchasing full shares should make arrangements for themselves or someone in their place to pick up produce each week.  Shares will be available for pick up at locations in Oxford, days/times to be announced.  Half Food-share holders will be able to pick up ½ a share weekly or a full share for any combination of 16 weeks. Weekly share allocations are determined by a point system based on the total amount of food available each week and the number of shares being distributed. The market style point system allows food-share holders the opportunity to select the types of produce they want. Food-share holders who do not wish to select their own produce may select the “Drop Point” option and receive a pre-packed box. Point value limits may be placed on certain items of produce in order to allow all food-shareholders the opportunity to receive a specific item of produce (heirloom tomatoes, for example); however, we may run out of some items during distribution. The farm attempts to avoid the use of plastic products as containers for food shares and requests that farm supporters provide their own containers for food distribution. Heavy duty Yokna(patawpha) Bottoms Farm, CSA cloth bags are available to purchase for $12/bag on the CSA Order Form.

The care of the earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all, our most pleasing responsibility.” 

~ Wendell Berry

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