We dig. You eat.

32 Weeks of locally, Certified Naturally Grown vegetables! Yokna Bottoms 2014 Prices:

  • Full $650
  • Half $385

Student Discount available! Here’s to healthy eating and sustainable farming in 2014!

Visit the CSA page or call Betsy @ (662) 380-2367 for more info.

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Who We Are

Yokna Bottoms Farm is a Community Supported Agriculture  or CSA farm. We are a community of individuals working together to produce locally grown food using sustainable agricultural practices, and to promote sustainable and organic agriculture as a viable agricultural system in north Mississippi. We have a 100 member CSA and sell our food weekly at the Oxford City Market and Mid-Town Market in Oxford, Mississippi.

Yokna Bottoms Farm

  • Produces local food using sustainable natural agricultural practices.
  • Supports sustainable agricultural farmers and artisans in north Mississippi (farmers, farmers’ markets, and local businesses selling locally produced products).
  • Serves as a research site for learning and developing successful organic agricultural practices within north Mississippi’s ecosystem, climate, and soil zones.
  • Provides educational services on local food and sustainable agriculture.
  • Facilitates community life through cooperative production, service and celebration.

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Spring Has Sprung! CSA Season Begins April 19

Red Russian Kale and Freckles Lettuce

At long last, we are ready for our first CSA distribution of 2014! It’s still early in the season, so we’ll start with smaller distributions until things start booming – which shouldn’t be too far off!

Our first week of pick ups will be Saturday, April 19 at Oxford City Market (OXCM) on West Oxford Loop from 9-11 a.m. and Tuesday, April 22 from 3-6 p.m. also at OXCM. 

Here is the schedule for the first few weeks of distributions:

Saturday, April 19 OXCM 9-11 a.m
Tuesday, April 22 OXCM 3-6 p.m.
Saturday, April 26 OXCM 9-11 a.m.
Tuesday, April 29 OXCM 3-6 p.m. 
Saturday, May 3 Mid-Town Market 7-11 a.m.
Tuesday, May 6, OXCM 3-6 p.m.
Saturday, May 10 Mid-Town Market 7-11 a.m.

Please note that starting May 3all Saturday pick ups will be at Mid-Town Market from 7-11 a.m. 

So…all you need to do is decide when you want to pick up and have your shopping bag ready to fill. Looking forward to seeing y’all!

Questions? Call Betsy at 662-380-2367.

A Walk Around the Farm
Sunshine & Cypress Trees

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Good eatin’ for a good cause!

Yokna Bottoms eggs for Miss-I-Sippin’

7-9 p.m.
Thursday, April 3
The Powerhouse, Oxford

Hens laying and flowers blooming are sure signs of spring on the farm…Another local springtime staple is Miss-I-Sippin’ Beer and Food Tasting to benefit Oxford arts and education programming. The annual event is organized by the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council and the University of Mississippi Department of Nutrition and Hospitality Management.

One of Oxford’s favorite fundraisers, Miss-I-Sippin’ boasts over twenty tasting stations featuring brews from Yalobusha Brewery, Abita, and Lazy Magnolia (and more!) paired with Southern-inspired and locally procured foods, including fresh eggs from Yokna Bottoms Farm!

This year’s menu features new twists on familiar favorites. On the menu: Delta Fish Tacos, Chicken and Waffles, Float Your Boat Beer Floats, Fried Mac and Cheese, and a Pickled Snack Bar.

Good eatin’ for a good cause!

In Full Bloom…

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Pretty as a Picture

Daffodil and Farmhouse

We hate to brag, but the view from our “office” is pretty hard to beat…Springtime is glorious on the farm and we’ve been enjoying getting ready for CSA distributions to begin in April.

We’ve gotten lots of spring stuff in the ground and have summer peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, and flowers thriving in the greenhouse.

We’re still accepting 2014 CSA memberships…So, if you haven’t signed up already, now’s a fine time to drop your membership form in the mail and get ready for a year of good eating!

Sign Up Now

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Happy First Day of Spring: A Warm Welcome For Farm Guests

Megg and Anne hard at work

What a beautiful week it’s been for planting! We’ve now got potatoes, kale, lettuces, spinach, cabbages, turnips, carrots and onions in the ground – thanks in part to hardworking farm guests Anne and Megg.

One of the great joys of farm life is the interesting, unique visitors who live with and work alongside us. This morning, we put in thousands of onions sets. What would have been a daunting task for one, flew by as we chatted about our lives, jobs, travels, and childhoods.

Anne’s a retired librarian and avid gardener from Saginaw, Michigan, who read about WWOOFing in Organic Gardening, thought it sounded fun and put it on her bucket list. Her favorite thing about being on the farm: “The people and the animals.”

Megg’s an in-store artist for Trader Joe’s in Chicago who wants to travel and dig in the dirt, learning more about sustainable farming along the way: “Since I’m a city girl, I really like getting out in the country.”

Having escaped the snow, these two Midwestern ladies are totally digging the Mississippi sunshine!

Volunteers: Come Work With Us!

From here on out, we’ll be planting everyday that it’s not raining. If you’d like to join our crew of sodbusters for a couple of hours or all day, give us a call at 662-380-2367.

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Po-ta-to, Po-tah-to…

Potato planting has commenced at Yokna Bottoms Farm!

Cool, dry, blue skies…couldn’t have been a more lovely day to tuck seed potatoes into the soft, dark bottomland soil…As farmers and aesthetes, we couldn’t help but take a few minutes away from planting to photograph these downright beautiful spuds:

Mountain Rose, Yukon Gold, & Purple Majesty

We’ve got 1,000 lbs. of seed potatoes going into the ground and are expecting to harvest in about 110 days, somewhere around the middle of June, maybe a little earlier. Be on the lookout for these interesting and tasty varieties:

Red Lasoda - “Beautiful smooth red skin with pure white flesh. Known as the best storing red potato, will keep for months.”

Yukon Gold - “Thin, smooth eye free skin and buttery, yellow tinged flesh.”

Rio Grande - “Not your average russet, Rio Grande has elevated levels of antioxidants along with exceptionally high yields and well above average storage qualities.”

Mountain Rose - “Gorgeous, rosy-skinned and fleshed tubers, these versatile, all-purpose spuds are deliciously moist but not waxy textured. Mountain Rose is extra nutritious and high in antioxidants.”

Purple Majesty - “These ever-so-delicious potatoes are purple through and through—with wine-dark skins and succulent purple flesh.”

French Fingerling - “A petite, sleek and slender heirloom potato. Its rose colored skin is thin and smooth. Its flesh, creamy yellow and splashed with pink, is succulent, firm and waxy. Thin delicate skin doesn’t need to be peeled. It has a robust, nutty, earthy and buttery flavor when cooked.”

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Tiny Tomatoes! Signs of Spring


As we endure this seemingly never-ending winter, we must remind ourselves: Tomatoes are coming, tomatoes are coming! It may be chilly and drizzly outside, but it’s starting to look like spring inside the Yokna Bottoms greenhouse and our tiny tomato plants are off to a healthy start.

We’re especially excited to try the Purple Russians, described as “purple-red, 6 oz., oblong, (plum-shaped to egg-shaped) tomatoes with a blemish-free skin excellent sweet flavor.  A perfect tomato for enjoying in salads, for making tomato sauce or salsa, or canning.”

Other varieties to expect this year include:

German Lunchbox
Mortgage Lifter

For more on what to expect from your Yokna Bottoms CSA membership, to sign up, or to find out about special membership discounts, call Betsy at 662-380-2367


On the farm, we all marvel at our “volunteers,” those tough little plants that pop up and thrive all by themselves.

Right now we’ve got a clump of radish greens by the front gate and cilantro and lettuce growing up through the pebbles along the edge of the greenhouse.

We love our “people” volunteers too! If you’re interested in being part of our community effort to grow good food for good people, give us a call at 662-380-2367!


We Are the Champions, My Friends: HottyToddy.Com Visits Yokna Bottoms Farm

We were contacted by HottyToddy.Com a couple of weeks ago. They’d seen one of our CSA posters on the Square and wanted to find out more about the farm. Check out Andy Knef’s conversation with Doug here:

Yokna Bottoms Is Champion of Natural Farming in Oxford


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Friends and Fermentation on the Farm: Workshop and Potluck Draws a Crowd

Gaining Ground Speaker Series: Fermentation on Wheels

Who knew pungent sauerkraut and kefir grains could bring people together? Last night we were treated to a brilliant late winter sunset, delicious vegetarian fare, great company and a talk on the art of fermentation by Fermentation on Wheelsculture queen Tara Whittsit. Tara, a self-described “gastronomic nomad,” is traveling the country in an old school bus turned cozy workshop/living space. Heated by a wood-burning stove, the bus serves as a roaming demonstration site for traditional foodways practice of fermentation. Tara’s culture collection is extensive and includes an incredible 80-year-old sourdough starter from England. Following Tara’s talk, we sampled her fermented treats and sprouts along with a table full of vegetarian dishes.


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