About Us


Yokna Bottoms Farm doesn’t exist in a bubble! We seek to be a fully integrated part of the community by hosting seasonal events – sometimes educational, sometimes just for fun: farm work days, field trips, potlucks, drum circles, and by supporting a growing community of farmers and groups working to promote sustainable agriculture in Oxford and around the state.


The farm has both a Facebook page, Instagram page, and an email listserv with a weekly newsletter for all farm supporters. These resources will be used to provide continual information about activities on the farm and serve as a forum for information and discussion relevant to local, sustainable, food production.



We will occasionally be hosting or sponsoring periodic events to support local artisans and growers, raise awareness of and promote the farm, build community, and as fundraisers to support the farm.

If you'd like to visit the farm for a class tour, field trip, or other special project, just send us an email to start a conversation!

Community Service:

In conjunction with our goals of supporting local foods and building community, we strive to be actively involved in community projects and efforts. In support of this effort, we encourage all food-shareholders to volunteer to support activities that promote local growers and artisans—ie, volunteer at local farmers markets, earth day activities, the Oxford Community Garden, and other activities and events in addition to volunteering at the farm itself. Anyone interested in volunteering is encouraged to come out and help in the fields. We work Monday through Saturday, and encourage everyone to stop by and visit.  If you would like to volunteer or visit our farm, please contact us at yoknabottoms@gmail.com or call 662-380-2367.

CSA Shares

Yokna Bottoms features shareholder memberships for its premium community supporters with regular weekly distributions of local, organic food grown on the farm. This is one of the best ways to experience all Yokna Bottoms has to offer. For more information, go to the "Purchase a Share" tab at the top of the page.


Volunteer Opportunites

Yokna Bottoms Farm also provides work opportunities for students at the University of Mississippi and members of the LOU community. Volunteering at the farm allows people to learn about how local food is grown and have a small part in it.

We typically have 1-2 interns at a time, with some being paid or unpaid depending upon hours of work. Unpaid interns have the option of participating in a work share for their time.

Farmers' Markets

We participate in two farmers' markets in the LOU community: OXCM and Midtown Market. OXCM is open at the Pavilion on University every Tuesday from 3pm-6:30pm. Midtown Market happens every Saturday from 7am-11am in the parking lot by BBB.

We also sell to local restaurants and grocers when the harvest is aplenty.

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