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Yokna Bottoms Farm offers a CSA share during our growing season. Our typical season lasts 32 weeks. However, we offer 3 types of shares to suit the needs of anyone:

  • 32 Week Full Share- $700
  • 32 Week Half Share- $380
  • 10 Week Half Share- $120

Our shares are based on a point system. Each week after harvesting, we evaluate the food we were able to take and assign points to each shareholder. Half Shares average 12-15 points during the season, while full shares are double the points. 1 point=$1. When you pick up your share, you choose what produce you would like with those points.

While the 32-week shares can pick up each week of the growing season, 10-week shareholders have only 10 pickups. However, these 10 pickups do not have to be used consecutively. If you are out of town one week or do not need anymore produce, you may skip a week. This is also a fantastic option for individuals and families looking to try a CSA membership.

Our pickup locations include:

  • OXCM on Tuesdays from 3-6:30pm
  • Midtown Market on Saturdays from 7-11am
  • Water Valley Drop-off

*Due to the current situation with COVID-19, we are also offering prepackaged shares for our shareholders each week. This is to help keep everyone safe and healthy to the best of our ability. While based on the same amount of points as our regular share, the produce included is predetermined. Coming to market to choose your pickup is still available if you feel comfortable doing so.*

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