Yokna Bottoms Farm

The Yokna Story

So in 2009, embracing only true natural production,  certified and no chemical added farming philosophy--Doug formed the Yokna Bottoms Farm south of Oxford, along the route to Water Valley and on the ancient bottom lands of the Yokna (Patawpha) River itself.  In the years since, Yokna's growing fields have responded with abundance, fertility and authentic  heirloom produce.

These lands achieve their full potential through the extraordinary fertility and the extraordinary vitality that comes from fungal and other healthy soil organisms acting as key components in soil health management.  Consistent natural-focused farming practices promote plant growth, development and resilience.  Soil quality is key.  Soil fungi and microbial organisms, while part of all agriculture, are necessarily components for vital natural farming because fungi and  other soil organisms act as biogenerators--factories for fertilizer production--which then enhances nutritional quality and flavor-- even deterring predators, pests and problems.

The YOKNA BOTTOMS FARM's high quality growing fields combine low external input and aggressive on-site biomass building and conditioning.  The fields benefit from years of no chemical farming usage.  The results mean consistent soil improvement.

The Farm's Vision is plain:

  • Produce Local Food Using Only Sustainable Practices
  • Support Sustainable Agricultural Farms and Artisans in Oxford, Water Valley, and Through Out Mississippi
  • Serve as a Research Site for Developing Successful Agricultural Practices
  • Provide Education on the Proven Benefits of Local Food and Sustainable Growing
  • Facilitate Community through collective production, service and celebration.

Not an Ordinary Chemical Farm--the word "YOKNA"--and the lands of the Yokna (Patawpha) River Basin--were both here long before the Yokna Farm.  The farm draws on the best of traditions in ancient growing practices while also advancing the qualities of community and group agriculture.

One way that YOKNA pursues its mission is through community share participation.  The community participates both in the RISKS and the REWARDS and adventure of WEEKLY distribution of fresh, raw and honestly produced vegetables--a pledge that the Yokna farm keeps.

Please join us in these works!

Your support and purchase of a share helps us to plan, reinvigorate and deliver on our Promise of Quality--that is what Yokna is all about!

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